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Differentiate your service with CX quality

Use the quality of your customer's experience to bolster business

Customer experience is now a key differentiator for organizations, ahead of product features and price. As a result, contact centers are under increased pressure to deliver world-class customer and agent experiences across all customer touchpoints, as well as fast, efficient self-service options. The latest technologies offer exciting possibilities for IV and voice-driven applications, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

However, fulfilling the promise of these new applications required a much faster, more agile approach to software development. Traditional manual testing process and methodologies can take weeks, rather than the days required by modern upgrade cycles. Rigorous, automated testing capabilities are vital to ensure flawless customer journeys in complex contact center environments. Success depends not just upon the successful performance of individual elements, but also their interoperability with each other.

Whatever your set-up, your contact center will have an ever-growing list of applications and tools that optimize the quality of your customer experience: call recording and analytics platforms, workforce management and optimization, Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR), Artificial Intelligence and virtual agents, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Security services and Quality of Service monitoring. 

Hammer empowers expert and novice users to continuously validate your CX Quality under load conditions, to ensure optimal performance. Hammer can validate your entire contact center environment, verifying new features, and offering compatibility with multiple APIs, as well as every supported phone and session border controller (SBC). Hammer’s real-time, automated reporting, ensures your teams swiftly identify problem areas and eliminate defects early in the development process. With Hammer, the potential of differentiation through CX becomes a reality within reach.


Measure CX Quality under load

Measure CX Quality under load

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L24/7 CX Quality Monitoring

Bidirectional CX Quality Monitoring

Bidirectional CX Quality Monitoring

Voice, chat and other channels

Voice, chat and other channels

Use cases and features

Ensure CX Quality does not degrade with load

CX Quality may seem reasonable enough when you are not busy, but you want to ensure quality does not degrade under load conditions. Be rest assured that your CX Quality holds up with Hammer On-Call Services and Hammer On-Demand Performance.

Monitor CX Quality around the clock

With VoiceWatch, monitor the quality of your customer experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discover and resolve quality issues before it impacts your business.

Measure all your communications channels

From voice quality, webchat, email and all communications channels your customers use as touchpoints to engage your agents. Test, continuously monitor and verify your omnichannel experience with intuitive and easy to use Hammer solutions.