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Voice-driven services are a vital component of high-quality customer services. Not only is IVR growing in complexity, but rapid advances in AI-driven voice portals mean that developers are under ever-increasing pressure to rapidly deliver new voice services that function effectively from day one. 

In the past, testing could strain resources, with days or weeks required to effectively test every possible call flow. As a result, IVR applications were often either delayed or sub-optimal, failing to meet customer expectations. 

Hammer CallMaster not only ensures 100% service functionality and availability but empowers operations teams to reduce testing time from weeks to days or even hours. It can be used for test development, debug, scheduling, and reporting across the entire testing life cycle, ensuring fast, efficient development and implementation of the most complex voice-driven applications.

Test. De-risk. Drive service innovation

Key benefits

Deploy resources more effectively to reduce integration time and cut costs

Reduce test design, development, and execution time by up to 90% while assuring 100% test coverage. Our fully automated testing solution means you now have the capacity to thoroughly test every new and modified IVR application before deployment.

Reduce or even eliminate error quotas while speeding up development

Test each function, menu option and dialogue thoroughly and comprehensively. Hammer CallMaster creates call flow diagrams using a graphical call flow editor. A highly-efficient algorithm covers all call flow icons and all data at least once to find an optimal set of call paths. And, as you add new features, Hammer CallMaster can rebuild regression test scripts in minutes, to avoid conflict with the existing application.

Create multiple test scenarios for regression and load testing

Easily create and carry out function and load tests using CallMaster’s graphical flow environment. Apply feature testing scripts for load testing or ongoing management. Or you can create specific paths in the call flow diagram to simulate “real-life” scenarios and generate a suite of load test scripts for these designated paths.

Ensure service availability with powerful automated reporting

Ensure the fault-free operation of your voice applications throughout the entire lifecycle with a broad range of automated reports for testing and management. Built-in graphical report formats include failure summaries, failure type distributions, key performance parameters over time, as well as correlation between failure rate and response time for any step in a call flow.

Enable developers to work remotely

Developers can work from their desks without needing to physically sit at the Hammer CallMaster machine. A distributed architecture enables development, run time control, access to failure data and report generation from remote clients anywhere on your company’s network.

Key features

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