CCaaS and UCaaS Providers

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Demand for automated testing services has significantly increased with UCaaS and CCaaS software providers continuously updating features. However, enterprises expect cutting edge technology and support for legacy systems and applications: voicemail, fax, old endpoints, overhead paging. Therefore, a significant challenge for modern UCaaS providers is testing, ensuring seamless updates and increasing the speed of innovation. With the boundaries between software applications and software endpoints blurring, you can't just test the new features. Everything must get tested with every update, such as features, APIs, and compatibility with every supported phone and session border controller (SBC).

Deploy Hammer to validate, stress test integrations and monitor CCaaS and UCaaS implementations - update your services daily or even continuously! That's because Hammer automated cloud-based testing accelerates innovation and scales with demand. Get the assurance that software updates (from provider or endpoint maker) work end-to-end across devices, software clients, and applications. And works for all use cases and can scale to meet demand and operate as expected.


Find issues before your customers do

Find issues before your customers do

Identify implementation weak points

Identify implementation weak points

Scale with confidence

Scale with confidence

Automate within CI / CD cycle

Automate within CI/CD cycle

Use cases and features

Consolidate testing approach

It’s time to break away from an assortment of home-grown tests with manual testing fill-in. Instead, turn to a single, state-of-the-art test automation solution for your development, QA, pre-deployment and operations teams.

Validate the end-to-end experience

Measure the expected quality of experience (QoE) of your customer-facing communications technology with automated, periodic, end-to-end voice and web transactions. Validate the expected content and responsiveness through your high-value and high-volume customer journeys.

Make sure your systems can scale

While cloud technology can scale more readily than premise-based technology, some hesitancy exists with large organizations due to scale issues. Load testing is a well-accepted best practice to identify scaling issues before going live and periodically after deployment.

Integrate testing with DevOps

Each step in the DevOps cycle needs test automation. Testing becomes a repeatable verification point that helps accelerate deploying new features and addressing field issues.