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Visibility into complex multi-vendor contact center performance

Ensure consistent and quality CX

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Drive customer service innovation and contact center efficiency

Contact center operations, technology, quality assurance, and procurement leaders across highly regulated industries such as financial services trust Hammer's real-time monitoring and automated testing capabilities to improve service quality, maximize uptime, and provide a better overall customer experience, ensuring they can overcome challenges to ensure they can smoothly innovate customer experience in a world characterized by "business unusual."

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Hammer helps financial services, including insurance companies, solve problems related to critical and complex multi-vendor contact center systems and applications: 

  • Drive improved service quality, customer experience, NPS and CSAT
  • Adopt AI and chatbots, ensuring quick and efficient customer service, personalized interactions, and seamless omnichannel experiences
  • Mitigate risks: cloud migrations, upgrades, and new technology integrations 
  • Maintain compliance with data privacy, security, and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations while handling customer data
  • Adapt to hybrid work strategies and maintain quality of service
  • Improve operational efficiency and streamline processes
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Adapt to changing customer needs

Improve CX, NPS and CSAT

Customers expect a seamless and personalized experience and consistently high-quality service, and any system glitch can lead to dissatisfaction and churn. So, let's help you to address your challenges with corrective, long-lasting action.

Cloud migration & technology upgrades

Failure to maintain high performance after upgrades, pinpoint and resolve issues before 'going live’ and ensure multi-vendor system interoperability, seamless integration, and consistent service quality can lead to service disruption (unexpected downtime and outages), poor CX, customer churn, performance post-upgrade and costly post-production fixes.

Increased frequency of network outages

Frequent outages delay and disrupt services, causing customer frustration, dissatisfaction, and churn. Impacting compliance and regulatory response times or data security, brand reputation and revenue as customers switch to a competitor. Leading to call center staff handling large volumes, once service is restored, of customer inquiries and complaints.

Costly & time-consuming manual testing

Frequent manual testing and ongoing monitoring of your complex systems take much time, effort, and resources. Often across a consistently limited number of scenarios, with some areas untested and prone to costly human error. It results in expensive mistakes, and inaccurate test results that add to the cost of developing and maintaining your systems.

Maintaining compliance & security

Ensuring compliance is time-consuming and requires significant resources. Yet, manual testing will likely miss the opportunity to demonstrate and sufficiently evidence regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data in the cloud environment, and ensure agent access to accurate and timely customer information, leading to costly fines and legal liabilities.

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