Hybrid Hammer Cloud

An end-to-end testing and monitoring solution

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Cloud-based hybrid testing for the real world

To fully optmize customer experience in the modern contact center, a mix of cloud and on-premise technologies is essential. Hammer’s automated testing capability, developed over three decades can simulate both on-premise and cloud technology environments. Only Hammer can give you complete end-to-end insight into how customers interact with your contact center in the real world. 

  • In the past multi-region test automation was unfeasible due to costly toll charges and complex environment configurations. Hammer is ideally suited for organizations who are looking to:
  • Manage call center testing costs by minimizing or eliminating toll charges
  • Increase the reliability and quality of test calls
  • Measure internal, external and site-to-site user experience

Key benefits

Gain end-to-end visibility into performance

Gain end-to-end visibility into performance

Ensure successful cloud migrations

Ensure successful cloud migrations

Expand test coverage

Expand test coverage

Local in-country dialing

Use local in-country dialing

Use cases and features

Complete test automation

There is a growing need for a testing solution that can verify the performance of CTI implementations such as screen pops, data accuracy and skills-based routing under real-life conditions. Hammer Hybrid is the only solution that allows end-to-end testing from the customer to the agent.

Be the PSTN without connecting to it

Thanks to Hammer Test System’s ability to generate ANI and DNIS, bypassing public networks is possible when testing interaction routing platform installations. Routing logic and other ANI/DNIS functionality no longer require expensive telecommunications lines or extensive test calls over PSTN.

Receive test calls

Emulate agent behavior in different regions without staffing call centers during test automation. Hammer Test System simulates a two-way voice communication over the network so you can validate the stability, accuracy, and voice quality of the transmission.

Comprehensive Orchestration APIs

Remotely execute feature testing, regression testing, and integration testing scenarios with the platform’s API capabilities. Automate ongoing operational tests to occur as often as every 5 minutes.