Delight your customers with exemplary experiences even during peak periods

Man working in the retail industry checking inventory on his iPad

The rapid shift to online shopping means your contact center is often the primary touch point for your customers. Helping customers locate a product, make a return, providing pre-purchase product support, and much more. Flexibility and scalability are vital to manage seasonal peaks and respond to demand-driven by marketing campaigns. 

With staffing shortages putting retail operations under additional pressure, the reliability of your contact center infrastructure is critical to delivering optimal application performance - even under periods of peak demand. Seasonal traffic peaks could be a nightmare for you and a disaster for your business if your call center is already performing at near-maximum capacity.

Hammer’s winning combination of state-of-the-art automated testing technology and world-class technical expertise takes the pressure off your operations team. We help you create a more agile development environment and ensure you achieve your customer service goals. 

Our experts will design a world-class testing plan. That will help you measure network components' availability, accuracy, and performance, voice solutions, and back-end database systems. And run real-life simulations under various peak load conditions to identify degradations or glitches before impacting customers. 


Be ready for seasonal peaks in call volume

Be ready for seasonal peaks in call volume

Regain control of your quality assurance

Regain control of your quality assurance

Empower your operations team with world-class technology

Empower your operations team with world-class technology

Use proactive monitoring to stay agile in a fast-changing world

Use proactive monitoring to stay agile in a fast-changing world

Use cases and features

Meet customer service goals consistently – even during the holiday season!

Too many problems arise in today’s contact center only when under significant traffic and in specific use models. Our state-of-the-art stress testing technology will verify the stability and reliability of your contact center infrastructure under heavy load conditions.

We simulate real-life situations at scale, from the agent desktop to the customer and back. Real-time reporting enables your team to eliminate problems and fix gaps in your failover and disaster recovery planning.

Deploy more features more often and outpace your competitors

Your contact center must evolve to keep pace with customer demands. But technology upgrades can put your team under pressure and project milestones in jeopardy. Manual regression testing is not sufficient for complex multi-vendor environments, where you must validate every component of the customer experience.

Hammer allows you to recreate real-world scenarios at scale and execute hundreds of test cases within minutes. And pinpoint problem areas before they ever become an issue for your customer with real-time automated reports.

Test the customer journey from the customer to the agent desktop and back

Today’s customers want self-service solutions, but only if they function optimally to meet their needs! We can help you validate the performance of your IVR and voice-driven applications to ensure flawless performance. Our automated testing solutions emulate both devices and human behavior in labs or in production. And, our methodology correlates IVR experience with data delivery and agent experience at both the CTI and the desktop level. So, you get detailed performance metrics from the IVR platform to your frontline customer service representatives on CX journeys.

Enjoy the quality assurance you’ve always dreamed of with proactive monitoring

Combine the measurement of actual call experience with the tracking and measurement of your technology components that support the user’s transaction.

Reduce your mean time to repair by automatically finding the root cause of problems before your customers do.