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Extend measurement and management to the edge of your environment

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Total performance transparency means better quality

Maintaining a high-quality customer experience is getting harder. With remote working and cloud service reliance, more and more of your customer experience is delivered at the edges of your corporate network. That means when connections or performance quality drop, it’s hard to know what’s causing the problem, where it is, and how to resolve it.

Hammer Edge offers complete transparency into agent and workforce experience and system performance with a multi-perspective test measurement approach that provides visibility into network, application, and system health across your entire agent population. These top-down, business-focused reports provide agent experience scores across line of business, geography, and ISP that empower organizations to assess, triage, and resolve performance issues for a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Measurement and management made easy

Key benefits

Ensure your workforce can deliver critical CX services

Measure and score the agent and workforce experience – across any device, ISP, or locale – to see where and when performance issues arise, who is impacted, and the extent of impact, to make more informed data driven IT and business operational decisions.

Make better informed staffing and routing decisions

Understand each agent's ability to deliver a high-quality customer experience both in advance and during their shift through real-time measurements.

Objectively measure and baseline user and workforce experiences

Determinative experience scores (Bad, Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent) objectively measure agent experience by individual agent, customer and/or line of business, and geography.

Prioritize performance issue remediation

Base issue resolution prioritization on the organizational groups impacted, number of users impaired, or shared commonalities including region, location, ISP, technology, and more.

Deliver critical value to IT operations

Significantly improve visibility to systems performance and agent/workforce impact, speed remediation of service impacting events, create and maintain a baseline agent and workforce systems performance, understand change management outcomes (during the change window), and more.

Perspective-based measurement profiles

Focused perspective-based measurement profiles driven by meaningful line of business and/or team application, destination, or targets significantly improving the understanding and resolution of impacting events.

Seamless Zero-touch API integrations

Instantly pull customer, organizational, and workforce management datasets into Hammer Edge (with no ‘day-to-day’ system administration) to add context and IT operational info to measurement reports.

Post off-hours change control validation

Ensure off-hour system updates perform as intended without slow, inefficient manual performance checks by measuring application performance before and after any system update or addition.

Key features

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Deploy to your entire organization in five minutes. Measure in 10

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Digital experience measurements show communication quality from any network location

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Perspective-driven reports that range from line of business to individual agent

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Security-compliant monitoring without interfering with PII or private agent data

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