Proactive monitoring

Cloud-based, active monitoring for Contact Centers

Man with headset writing in a book while working at a contact center

VoiceWatch is a full-featured, proactive contact center monitoring solution by Hammer, the leader in end-to-end quality of experience testing and monitoring.

VoiceWatch detects and diagnoses current and potential technology problems from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to the IVR application by emulating real-world customer interactions around the clock. When a customer-impacting event is detected, VoiceWatch records it and pinpoints where it occurred. Operations teams are alerted via SMS or email, enabling them to quickly identify the root cause and analyze its impact.

With VoiceWatch, you can:

  • Create your own test scripts or leverage Hammer's experts
  • Set alert thresholds for user experience indicators
  • Executive test strips 24/7
  • Schedule test phone calls to run every 5, 10, or 15 minutes
  • Leverage advanced speech recognition for proper content verification
  • View call results, performance trends, and historical summary reports via a web interface
  • Create custom templates to send email or SMS alerts


Detect issues

Detect issues before your customers do

Measure the end-to-end CX

Measure the end-to-end CX

Prevent issues from impacting KPIs

Prevent issues from impacting KPIs

Stop system failures

Stop system failures

Use cases and features

Pinpoint issues – and fix them - before your customers do

Not only monitor the functionality of each individual component of your contact center; track also how it is functioning within the overall system, from the PSTN to the IVR. And your operation team no longer needs to spend time analyzing multiple data sources; pinpoint the problem and alerts the operations team via SMS or email so they can take immediate action to fix it.
As contact center complexity increases, so too does the volume of dissatisfied customers, adding pressure to operations teams who must quickly detect, diagnose, and even predict technology issues before they impact customers or revenue. But detecting and diagnosing problems in a complex, end-to-end production environment isn’t easy.

You must test each component independently as well as its interoperability to ensure a seamless customer experience. Traditional tools provide an endless supply of data, reports, and alerts, but cannot pinpoint the issues that impact customers the most.

Reduce operational costs, while boosting customer satisfaction

Monitor the availability, accuracy, and performance of network components, voice solutions, and back-end database systems to identify and even prevent downtime, outages and failures. Mean time to repair is reduced, delivering real cost savings and immediate value for your business.

Put your operations team in control

Make your operation team efficient and allow their members to set alert thresholds for user experience indicators, execute test scripts 24.7 and schedule test phone calls. Get also call results, performance trends and historical summary reports via a web interface, with customizable email or SMS alerts.