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Hammer solutions

At Hammer, we understand that every customer journey matters. Successful customer journeys depend upon multiple factors, from product design through to execution. Every customer and every business is different. However one factor is common to all truly customer-centric companies; understanding how things work from the customer perspective. Our automated testing solutions give you the capability to test hundreds or even thousands of customer journeys under real-life conditions. And our real-time reports give you the information you need to identify and fix issues, before they impact your customer.  

Who are we creating solutions for?

For contact centers

Automation and service assurance solutions for your contact center and enterprise.

For Remote Workforce Management

WebRTC and internet testing and monitoring for today's remote workforce.

For Unified Communications Providers

Active testing to complement passive monitoring.


IVR Testing

IVR Testing

IVR discovery

IVR Discovery

QA and Regression Testing

QA and Regression Testing

Contact center assurance

Contact Center Assurance

Contact center end-to-end testing

End-To-End Testing

Omnichannel testing

Omnichannel Testing

Accelerate cloud migration

Contact Center Cloud Migration Assurance

Security and Interoperability Testing

Security and Interoperability Testing



Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Hammer Cloud

CX quality

CX Quality

Test automation

Test Automation

Performance testing

Performance Testing

Working from home

Remote Worker Network

Proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Conference bridge monitoring

Conference Bridge Monitoring