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Hammer product line

Our products and services are designed to bring businesses closer to their customers. They are made to ensure you keep control and enhance your contact center. So, it truly delivers satisfaction, retention, renewals and wallet share.

Who are we creating products for?

For contact centers

Automation and service assurance solutions for your contact center and enterprise.

For Remote Workforce Management

WebRTC and internet testing and monitoring for today's remote workforce.

For Unified Communications Providers

Active testing to complement passive monitoring.


Focused man looking at Hammer Voice Explorer IVR detail performance report

Hammer Voice Explorer

Hammer CallMaster - development code

Hammer CallMaster

Woman in office looking at Hammer On-demand Performance reports

Hammer On-Demand Performance Testing

Over shoulder shot of a man looking at Hammer On-demand Quality Assurance report on laptop

Hammer On-Demand Quality Assurance

Hammer end-to-end components

Hammer End-to-End Components

Team working at contact center helpdesk


Man looking at VoiceWatch E2E performance reports


Asian guy with headset working remotely

Hammer Edge

Working from home

Hammer Ohm