Hammer horrors: How to survive Contact Center leaders top 4 fears

Dave Kostos
Oct. 31 2023
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This Halloween, Hammer is shedding light on the scary scenarios that keep contact center leaders up at night. Want to make sure your contact centers survive the night? Check out these chilling CX tales to see why you should arm your team – or your customers – with Hammer.

There’s nothing scarier than the unknown for modern contact center leaders. For enterprises that rely on contact centers for customer service, knowing that everything in your customer experience (CX) environment is working properly is key to keeping customers happy and business thriving. But what about those terrifying unknowns?

This Halloween, Hammer (formerly Empirix) is shedding light on some of the scary scenarios that keep contact center leaders up at night. Want to make sure your business can survive the horrors that may be hiding in your CX environment? Check out these CX nightmares and learn how Hammer helps customers and partners outlast the things that go bump in the contact center.

1.    Chilling customer load testing

Busy seasons you can prepare for. When something suddenly goes wrong for your organization – the site goes down, there’s a major recall, a natural disaster hits, etc. – it falls to your contact centers to handle a storm of new demands. That’s assuming your CX environment can even stand up to the monstrous volume.

When unexpected horrors hit your business, customers swarm to your support and helplines to get answers. If your CX environment isn’t able to handle the sudden rush of requests, it will start to drop calls, send customers into a maze of IVR prompts, or fail to give your staff the customer info they need to help. Suddenly, your organization isn’t just dealing with a downed site – it’s dealing with a hoard of angry customers.

Hammer On-Demand Performance makes it easy to perform automated end-to-end load testing and quality assurance testing in just a few hours. This automated testing solution saves customers and partners countless hours and offers complete confidence that when something goes bump in the night, the CX environment will be able to handle it.

2.    Insidious integration issues

To adapt to evolving customer demands, contact center leaders inevitably add new applications to their existing CX environment. Whether these new additions are deployed to replace outdated legacy components or to make your customers’ experience more convenient and streamlined, the hope is always the same: this new integration will make things better in the contact center environment.

The trouble is, when new applications are added to a CX environment they won’t always play well with existing components. This can quickly lead to data dropping dead between applications and gruesome glitches for your staff and your customers. For contact center leaders, application integration challenges have been a recurring nightmare in recent years. According to Hammer’s State of Contact Center Testing 2023 report, just 28% of contact center leaders said they were able to test technology changes thoroughly before the project went live.

Hammer’s VoiceWatch solution brings that nightmare to an end. It automatically monitors the functionality of each individual component in the contact center and its performance as part of the entire CX environment. When a problem is detected, VoiceWatch pinpoints where the issue is and notifies the operations team so they can fix it before customers even notice.

3.    Creepy crackling calls in remote work environments

Remote work is here to stay, but there are still clear quality of service risks that contact center leaders struggle with in their staffs’ remote work environments. With agents working around the globe on their own home networks, your customers can spend a spookily long time on hold only to experience garbled call quality, rapid network speed drops, and dropped calls.

Making matters worse, remote contact center agents may not notice or report running into these issues when they arise. As a result, contact center leaders often don’t have visibility into the inefficiencies that they’re dealing with until long after they develop.

Hammer Ohm is an automated voice quality testing and monitoring solution for the work-from-home environment that empowers managers to identify and resolve the quality issues that plague home networks to ensure a high-quality CX. By constantly scanning for these quality issues, contact center leaders can save time and money while optimizing performance across the CX environment.

4.    Long dead contact lines unearthed

For years, it was too costly and time-consuming for contact center leaders to perform regular CX environment testing. Performance testing was done manually, usually only when new tech was introduced or there was a major scripting change. That left many contact center leaders in the horrifying situation of not knowing that something was wrong until the company’s social media started exploding with complaints.

These issues could vary from overly long hold times to entire phone numbers or contact inboxes being down without the contact center leader ever knowing. These dead lines can be left to haunt your contact center for years without ever being corrected or even noticed internally. Rest assured, though, your customers will experience them and your organization’s reputation and success may be on the line.

Hammer On-Demand Performance Testing empowers contact center leaders to minimize service disruptions by carrying out rapid automated and comprehensive testing for any scenario. From IVR application updates, quarterly voice infrastructure updates, last-minute changes in opening hours or unexpected customer demand, you can quickly simulate scenarios and fix issues before they cause disruption.

Sick of CX nightmares keeping you from resting easy?

Avoid scary scenarios in your contact center environment and ensure that your CX is up and running as intended with the help of Hammer’s automated testing and monitoring suite of solutions. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have visibility from end-to-end in your CX environment with Hammer’s solution-agnostic products.

Interested in learning more? Get the help you need to survive the scariest threats to your CX environment. Contact the Hammer team today!

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