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Rosemary Cormican
Aug. 9 2023
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To help our partners accelerate their growth and achieve greater success in 2023, the Hammer team is engaging and educating partners through a comprehensive partner program, that includes partner certification.  

As part of this partner program, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Level 2 Partner Certification: available now through Hammer University

Level 2 Certification is earned through on-demand sessions led by Hammer experts. Topics covered include both Technical and Sales Training that empowers partners to: 

  • Identify and solve specific customer problems and uncover lucrative opportunities 
  • Understand how end-to-end testing and CX assurance optimizes customer journeys and improves business outcomes 
  • Accelerate contact center deployments by up to 30% and get a return on investment in less than three months 

3 Reasons to choose Hammer for Contact Center testing: 

Still convincing your customers that they need Hammer? Here are three reasons you can use to help make your case: 

1. Prepare for the unexpected 

Keeping contact centers prepared for seasonal peaks and unexpected volume increases is an easy way to keep customer experiences positive and business moving. Without the right preparations in place, businesses could face outages that cost money and productivity every minute. 

In fact, according to our State of Contact Center Testing report, contact center outages are on the rise for 67% of global contact centers.  

Hammer’s end-to-end testing capabilities give your customers peace of mind that their contact center won't let them down when they need it most. 

2. Find issues before your customer does 

Testing customer experience is key to maintaining their business. This is especially true when new features are rolled out or technology is upgraded, as a change in your stack could lead to a major, unforeseen change in their experience. 

Unfortunately, just 28% of contact center leaders thoroughly test technology improvement projects before they go live. 

Modern contact centers depend upon the interoperability of multiple systems, which means multiple points of possible failure. Hammer’s automated testing services pinpoint speedbumps in the customer journey so that they can be fixed before they become an issue. 

3. Get the most from your cloud migration 

Just 33% of contact centers that migrated to the cloud achieved all their migration goals. Hammer’s expert testing capabilities help ensure that every cloud contact center migration is a success. 

Automated testing has a vital role to play to ensure successful cloud migrations for contact centers – partners who leverage Hammer’s expertise and experience to validate their migration projects will have a clear advantage in an increasingly competitive market. 

How to become a Hammer Channel Partner 

Discover how we win and achieve more together with the Hammer Partner Program. Accelerate quote-to-cash, maximize ROI, scale growth, sell worldwide, and differentiate — all with a partner you can trust. We’ll help you reach your goals and ensure continued success! Visit our partner page for more information

How to get CX assured and Hammer certified 

Existing partners can login or register for the Hammer Partner Portal to get access to Hammer University and earn a Level 1 Partner Certification in about 45 mins — and a Level 2 Certification in less than two hours.  

Our expert-delivered modules will help grow your technical sales skills and expertise, identify opportunities, and close more business. You'll also understand how Hammer technology works and how to best use it to your advantage. And most importantly, you'll give your customers extra assurance and peace of mind that technology is in safe hands! 

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