Automated Contact Center Testing & Monitoring 101

Your essential guide to de-risk and drive service innovation


This eBook helps you de-risk your contact center technology investments in Banking and Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, Travel, Retail and Education. Understand the role of automated testing and monitoring and its value in pinpointing performance shortfalls. ‘Moments that matter’ during the complex, constantly adapting world of contact centers and the entire customer journey and interaction lifecycle. Often, those invisible points of customer frustration between your contact center and the customers you serve.  

Learn how to avoid imminent customer service disasters: 

  • Spiraling contact volumes above capacity to handle them 
  • Repeat calls, IVR and agent desktop issues 
  • Increased call wait times, abandoned calls and escalating customer churn 
  • Frequent outages and downtime 
  • Problems implementing technology improvements that help provide a better customer experience 


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