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Driving Exceptional CX with Automated Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Partner Webinar: Driving Exceptional CX with Automated Testing and Monitoring Solutions
In November, CX experts from Hammer and Servion came together to lead an in-depth webinar on the latest developments in automated testing and monitoring solutions for contact centers. If you weren’t able to make it, check out all of the expert insights to bring your CX environment – and outcomes – to the next level.

Event details

Date: Nov 08 2023
Location: Online webinar

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Why contact center leaders should check it out

Automated testing and monitoring solutions delivered by Hammer and Servion empower contact center leaders to replace tedious manual testing and inaccurate spot-checking with comprehensive assurance that CX components are working as they should be.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights including: 

  • How to get early detection of customer-impacting performance issues by automating QA, regression, load, and ongoing testing across all voice and digital channels. 
  • How to unlock 360 degree insights into your customer’s journeys and how your contact center platform performs along the way. 
  • How to significantly improve CX and operational efficiencies without upgrading your contact center infrastructure. 
  • How to accelerate adoption and deployment of innovative CX technologies. 

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    Contact center and customer experience (CX) leaders are always focused on getting optimal performance out of their contact centers. To do that, they need to be able to reliably anticipate system performance and capacity challenges. But with modern consumer demands, CX environments are more complicated than ever before – making end-to-end transparency and quality assurance harder to deliver.  

    Fortunately, contact center leaders aren’t alone when it comes to navigating the new CX landscape. Hammer’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Kacey Kemmerer and Servion President Eric Wildermuth came together for an in-depth webinar exploring the biggest challenges facing modern contact center teams and how automated testing and monitoring solutions can help you overcome them.  

    Meet the speakers

    Kacey Kemmerer, Senior Vice President of Sales, Global Sales, and Channels, Hammer
    Kacey Kemmerer
    Senior VP of Sales
    Eric Wildermuth, President, Sales, Servion
    Eric Wildermuth
    President, Sales