The ROI of CX testing and monitoring

Mark Kowal
Jan. 21 2020
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QoE with your businesses’ communication systems determines success

Your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty hinges on the quality of their experiences. When there’s a breakdown in a company’s communication environment, customers are the ones impacted first. After all, they can’t communicate with a business if there’s a network outage.

Unfortunately, most issues like this go unresolved for too long, leaving businesses scrambling to fix issues as new ones emerge. This is a massive blow to employees’ productivity and an unnecessary strain on any company’s budget.

As technology advances and networks become increasingly complex, it’s more important than ever to proactively address the risks that compromise customer experience. This is even more challenging for businesses that are frequently in crisis mode. The inevitable finger-pointing gets in the way of progress.

Hammer solutions significantly reduce communication environment risks

Today’s communication environments are assembled from an array of disparate technologies, some legacy and some brand new. They’re integrated with solutions from multiple vendors who are competitors. As a result, keeping communications running smoothly is challenging, time consuming, and costly.

Due to inherent complexity, the likelihood of businesses experiencing regular communication environment problems is very high. Here are just some examples of the typical risks that damage CX and increase operational expenses:

  • Poor voice quality
  • Improper call routing
  • Dropped calls
  • Improper data and/or slow data arrival
  • Reduced application performance
  • High call abandonment rates
  • Project delays
  • Undiscovered issues
  • Necessary rollbacks
  • Idle employees/agents
  • Customer churn

These risks are a major source of expense, frustration, and business service delays. They also foster customer and employee satisfaction issues.

Hammer directly addresses communication environment risks by drastically shortening the Mean Time to Diagnosis (MTTD) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) of problems and issues for both new projects and ongoing operations. We work with businesses worldwide, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, to eliminate costly CX problems like the ones listed above.

Our solutions accomplish these goals by combining extensive experience with a set of unique, end-to-end automation tools and services that focus on the complete customer experience.

Risk reductions from testing and monitoring solutions lead to compelling cost savings

The risk reductions achieved via testing and monitoring directly improve the most problematic component of a business’ ongoing technology expenses: the unpredictable costs associated with automation failures.

Hammer customers realize hard cost savings from deploying testing and monitoring solutions to address common communication network risk.

Top hard cost savings achieved

The following is a list of the top ways our solutions lead to hard cost savings:

  • Improved voice quality: Cost savings from eliminating call extensions that occur because of poor voice quality.
  • Fewer misdirected calls: Cost savings from eliminating incorrect and unnecessary call transfers.
  • Fewer repeat calls: Cost savings from eliminating callbacks that occur because of poor voice quality.
  • Reduction of lost agent time: Cost savings from eliminating idle time that occurs from lags created by technology failures.
  • Fewer containment outages: Cost savings from increasing the percentage of calls completed via self-service to the containment percentage goal.
  • Reduced customer churn: Revenue increase due to a reduction in customer losses that are attributable to poor voice quality.
  • Fewer project completion delays: For newer projects, companies can eliminate delays that happen because of problems that can only be solved using our tools.
  • Finding issues during pre-production: It’s always better to find issues in pre-production rather than post-production.
  • Fewer performance-impacting issues: Monitoring solutions reduce the amount of time it takes to address issues that directly affect customers.
  • Reduction of MTTD: Our solutions decrease the average amount of time it takes to identify the root cause of a problem.

Typical ROI achieved with Hammer testing and monitoring solutions

Hammer customers tend to experience high ROIs thanks to the types of critical problems they find and solve. Issues in hybrid communication environments generally result in symptoms that can be tough to untangle. Hammer provides the means to to straighten these issues out with quickness before customers even notice.

Hammer has developed the unique expertise and automation technologies to efficiently diagnose issues and their root causes. This empowers businesses to resolve issues in a fraction of the time with less effort and expense than it would take otherwise.

As a result, first-year and annual ROIs for Hammer testing solutions are typically 200% or higher; monitoring solutions start at 400%.

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