DevOps: in a contact center, you say?

Sandie Simms
Apr. 16 2019
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Many contact centers are cutting-edge technology adopters, so why has the migration to agile and DevOps practices not been fully embraced by some organizations? The time sensitivity of human-to-human communications, frequent changes within technical environments, and the vulnerable nature of customer-facing apps like voice portals make contact centers the perfect DevOps candidate. With benefits too overwhelming to ignore, embracing DevOps is a no brainer.

DevOps culture

That doesn’t make it easy though. One of the requirements is to have a corporate culture that supports change and is open to collaboration.

Keeping everyone focused on some key objectives can help:

  • Reduce wasted work
  • Reduce re-work
  • Deliver software that operations can support
  • Deliver software that business teams need
  • Deliver software that customers will use

DevOps challenges

DevOps does introduce some challenges though. Frequent patching, upgrades, new deployments, and changes to system configuration files can lead to defects and failures – some of which are undetectable through manual testing.  But with frequent testing, monitoring and a continuous feedback loop, those issues can be detected and resolved before they impact the business.

DevOps for call centers

To learn more about introducing DevOps practices into contact centers and the role test automation plays in supporting it, watch How to Tame CX Disruption with Automated, Collaborative Testing, an on-demand webcast.

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