Black Friday and Cyber Monday Readiness Testing

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Retailers generate 72% of annual turnover during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can you afford to take a risk by leaving critical events to chance?

Failing to ensure sufficient capacity means risking potentially irreversible damage — starting on social media and ending at your bottom line. Unfortunately, moments like these also create the most stress, making it difficult to pull together a rational response quickly.

Be prepared. Cover all bases and have confidence in your network and contact center system to mimic real-world customer scenarios, supporting peak operations and beyond. Hammer Black Friday and Cyber Monday Readiness Offer provides you with:

  • Assurance – Confidence in your network and system to support peak operations
  • Insight – Quickly pinpoint the root cause of system failures
  • Optimization – Proactively resolve issues, defects and optimize customer experience
  • Flexibility – Cloud-hosted, composable deliverables
  • Best Practice – Access to test automation experts with experience across highly regulated industries