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Independently validate your Amazon Connect migrations 

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When migrating your contact center to Amazon Connect, don't put your critical communications at risk.

  • Design better customer journeys with HammerRTC
  • Perform true end-to-end call emulation and testing to ensure that every step of the journey performs as it should
  • Speed up deployment and reduce risk
  • Enable high-definition voice calls
  • Enable screen sharing and messages directly from a web browser
  • Consider network performance, voice quality and interoperability
  • Eliminate potential points of failure prior to deployment


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Measure the migration impact through performance testing

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Access ongoing monitoring and assurance post-deployment

Get alerts to network performance, interoperability, and configuration issues using HammerRTC and Hammer’s end-to-end automated testing capabilities.  

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Ensure every step of your customer journey performs as it should. Independently validate your Amazon Connect migrations, speed up deployment, optimize customer experiences and reduce risk.  

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