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You can count on Hammer to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, releases, and opportunities in the world of CX and contact center testing and assurance. Check out this month’s top headlines to stay informed and stay ahead. 

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Share your CX experience and expertise

We want to hear from you! Take 3 minutes to complete our annual State of Contact Center Testing survey and share your experience and outlook on the future of our industry! 

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The importance of seasonal load testing

The retail industry faces huge volumes of communications at seasonal events. See the importance load testing had this Mother’s Day to learn why it’s crucial during your high-volume seasons. 

Join Hammer at CCW Las Vegas

Our CX experts are hitting the Strip for the world’s largest customer contact event. Book a meeting with us from June 3-6 for a personalized look at the benefits and capabilities of Hammer CX testing solutions. 

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Hammer Virtual Agent: real-time multichannel testing

Hammer Virtual Agent is a comprehensive, multichannel tool for testing contact center systems, networks, and applications under load and at scale; both before and after deployment.

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