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You can count on Hammer to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, releases, and opportunities in the world of CX and contact center testing and assurance. Check out this month’s top headlines to stay informed and stay ahead. 

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Hammer Edge: Agent Experience Management managed

Hammer’s new CX solution offers transparency into network, application, and system health across your entire agent population. Deliver unparalleled performance visibility and resolve performance issues in record time with Hammer Edge. 

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Your DORA prep guide

The DORA regulation deadline is just one year away! Learn how to prepare your contact centers for these strict operational resilience mandates with this quick guide and the help of Hammer On-Demand Performance Testing. 

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How to beat winter’s worst

Every year, millions of Americans lose power due to extreme winter weather. If you’re in the utility sector, now’s the time to make sure your contact centers can keep running and serving customers with these tips.

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Celebrating two years as Hammer

Two years ago, Empirix rebranded as Hammer. Since then, our community has helped us to innovate and advance the world of CX testing and automation. See how we’re continuing to grow today! 

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