Getting efficiency with effectiveness: A guide for contact centers who need both

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Location: Online webinar
Speaker: Mark Kowal, Kurt Dahlstrand, Greg Pavlick, Bruce Moore | Hammer

All businesses want their contact centers to operate as effectively as possible.

Good contact centers focus on functional and performance-based tests. They test each component, integration, business need, and usability to ensure all function as intended.  

Better contact centers go one step further. They test the system’s performance, often under stress, to ensure their business is sound even in unexpected situations. 

The best businesses know the secret to getting efficiency with effectiveness with their testing. Do you?

This webinar guides contact center businesses through best practices to achieve efficiencies while maximizing the effectiveness of your overall platform. After attending this session, you will walk away knowing:

  • The testing that has the most significant impact on your system’s effectiveness. 
  • Tools that reduce effort, making it affordable to test, yet encompassing of unexpected issues.
  • How to blend these two to provide the most efficient testing that yields the most significant and effective results. 

Hammer wants you to maintain a level of effort that is affordable and manageable yet detailed enough to uncover underlying issues before your customers find them.

To prove our point, we will give up to three customers a free baseline assessment of your contact center. In this assessment, we evaluate your testing effectiveness, how efficient your testing is, and how you can fill the gaps to be one of the few businesses that know the secret to get the most effective results with the most efficient testing practices.

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Mark Kowal, Hammer Product Marketing
Mark Kowal has over 25 years of experience in the product marketing and product management of contact center solutions. Mark’s background is deeply rooted in IVR and speech recognition technologies, as well as digital solutions such as IVAs and SMS communications. Mark now leads Hammer Product Marketing to help customers understand the need for independent testing based on his industry experience.

Greg Pavlick, Hammer Solutions Engineering
Greg Pavlick is the Team Lead for Hammer Solutions Engineering with over ten years of Hammer Testing and Monitoring experience.  Greg specializes in Contact Center technology with over 25 years of experience at Avaya/Nortel as a Solutions Architect for Enterprise Fortune 500 companies.

Bruce Moore, Senior Consultant for Contact Center Managed Services

Kurt Dahlstrand, Solutions Engineering