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4 Essential Tips for Migrating to Amazon Connect

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Location: Online webinar
Speaker: Mark Kowal and Kurt Dahlstrand, Hammer
Mark Kowal and Kurt Dahlstrand, Hammer

The cloud migration is in full swing. Contact centers are especially taking advantage of the cloud and all it offers businesses and customers. The cloud promises many efficiencies and benefits, and they can all be accomplished. But before you move your contact center to the cloud, follow these four essential tips to make your migration a successful journey for you and your customers.

What are the four essential tips to accomplish a successful migration?

  • Measure the migration impact through performance testing
  • Confirm the cloud quality meets or exceeds previous measurements
  • Uncover customer experience pitfalls trapped within the platform
  • Don’t sweep blips under the rug

These essential tips will make a substantial difference in your migration success. When you attend this webinar, we will explain how you can adopt these tips to your process, simplifying your efforts for a successful launch.

In addition, we will also cover a bonus tip that is indispensable when tackling this type of project. Be sure to attend to learn how these tips remove the migration risk and make you a hero to your organization.