Top 5 reasons to consider Hammer Cloud Platform for active testing

Mark Kowal
Jul. 10 2019

Earlier this year, we introduced Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP), our SaaS solution that combines functional, regression, systems integration, performance, and customer experience testing into one platform. Leveraging HCP for active testing in your contact center or enterprise network has a myriad of benefits; and here are the top 5.

Streamlined script development

HCP provides access to simplified and streamlined web-based script creation and management. CallMaster Go takes the power of the full-featured CallMaster Developer software and boils it down into 8 discrete caller actions which can be dragged and dropped into a workspace that displays your script in a clear and concise manner. CSV Transformer enables users to create and maintain test scripts completely outside of HCP by building scripts within Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and then importing them into HCP as CSV files.

Broad test coverage

Generate traffic from any combination of on premises, private or public cloud networks while minimizing, or even eliminating toll charges. This approach enables testing of both in-network voice services while also testing external customer focused call routing that is authentic to user and customer experiences.

Additionally, if you currently own an on premises Hammer Test System, it is fully compatible with the Hammer Cloud Platform so you can leverage your existing investment while enhancing scripting ease-of-use and expanding your test coverage with PSTN generated call traffic.

Access to RESTful APIs

Interested in bringing voice testing into your DevOps workflows? Hammer testing is now fully accessible through HCP’s web services APIs, empowering you to test when you want through the test orchestration engine or dashboard interface of your choice.

Import Nuance Application Studio Test Cases

Does the thought of having to create and maintain test scripts give you heartache?  Empirix’s Nuance Transformer lets you convert IVR test cases from Nuance Application Studio directly into Hammer test scripts significantly reducing the upfront effort to create test scripts and the on-going maintenance to keep them up to date.  Furthermore, this design based testing approach ensures your test cases are always testing what was designed not what was implemented.

Full Application Lifecycle Testing

The Hammer Cloud Platform was designed to support the full lifecycle of voice application deployment with purpose built testing applications for QA/regression testing, performance testing, and ongoing testing in production. Each application is designed to provide users the test setup, scheduling, reporting, and alerting needed to accomplish the testing required. As such, each application can be utilized standalone or as a full testing suite in which test scripts can be shared or promoted from one application to the next to ensure testing compliance while also facilitating collaboration between teams and reducing test case re-work. 

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Mark Kowal
Mark Kowal

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