Some post-IAUG thoughts

Sandie Simms
Jun. 1 2016
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After attending Avaya International Users Group in Orlando, I’m really excited about Avaya’s direction with Avaya Oceana™ centered around the Avaya Breeze engagement platform. It offers contact centers much more direct control over the mapping of the customer journeys. Direct control enables organizations to customize customer experience improvements based on real-time information and their own business objectives.

Agile methodology

This is a positive message considering the acceleration of business processes and the agile methodology being deployed today. Empirix first pioneered omni-channel test automation with its multi-media test ensemble product back in 2001. Since that time, we’ve perfected the control and synchronization of workflow test automation for both our premise- and cloud-based customers.

Agile is a customer satisfaction focused methodology that is also keenly focused on quality demands through the mantra of “test early and test often.” At Empirix, we’re taking it even further with feature-rich customer journey capabilities that don’t require a re-code or reconfiguration in the face of requirement changes pushed down by the business teams.

Test automation in agile environments

The crowds at AIUG were quite aware of the difficulties of performing test automation in an agile environment, where changes are rapidly occurring. The real-time human intelligence logic capabilities that exist in the 6.3 release solve those challenges in a comprehensive way, enabling teams to modify the customer journey without having to modify test automation test cases.

The API work we’re putting into the platforms will further enhance customers’ ability to drive customer journey test cases on the fly, enabling developers, QA, and even operations to share in the knowledge of the customer experience through active, real transactions placed in their environments.

Avaya Oceana

The Avaya Oceana™ announcement was a welcome change, as was the ability to offer customers the opportunity to support new application rollouts though best practice test automation methods that fold into agile development teams and provide regression and performance analysis during each sprint of the development cycle.

We had a great time meeting our customers and discussing the importance of having a DevConnect certified test vendor assist their teams with deployments and ongoing monitoring of customer experience. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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