New Year’s resolutions can be testing…

Sandie Simms
Jan. 13 2020

So you’ve got to January 13th and you’re still keeping to your New Year resolutions?

Well, you’re doing better than half the population who take them up. Apparently January 12th is the deadline that nearly half of all New Year’s Resolutions end and 80% of all resolutions don’t even make it into February.

How do we know this? Well, research from fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava see infrequent users log every morsel that passes their lips and every calorie they burn right up to January 12th, and then users’ motivation seems to fall off a cliff.

This year feels like it’s going to be different in our household. This year, the motivation is real. We’ve booked a holiday with our most photogenic, Instagram loving friends. They run marathons, they have the sort of figures that could be used as the after-shots of health campaigns or miracle diet plans, and they look just as good without filters as they do with them.

Why am I telling you this? Well I’ve been asked to write a blog tenuously linking New Year’s Resolutions to customer experience testing, but more of that later.

According to Psychology Today, resolutions fail because of the following reasons:

  • Your goals aren’t clear: Vague headlines with little in the way of detail of breaking down how you’ll actually achieve your goals .
  • You feel overwhelmed: The pressure to be perfect from friends, family and work colleagues can leave you feeling lost in your objectives.
  • You feel discouraged: You may have eaten salad solidly for a week and been to the gym every other day and know each of your gym instructors by first name. Surely the 6-pack abs should be showing up by now…
  • You’re not ready: This brave new world of complete change may be a step too far for your lifestyle, family and work commitments.

So, what have we learned? Resolutions like assuring your customer experience journeys can feel like a mountain to climb (you see what I did there?)

If you break down your resolutions and customer experience objectives into smaller chunks, it’s far easier to keep your motivation going and see some real results, way past January 12th every year.

Customer experience testing

And finally, Empirix have some great tools for both setting up meaningful test parameters and also monitoring every leg of your customer journeys. And the great thing about it is just like your resolutions, you can achieve so much in bite sized chunks.

Apologies for the shameless crow-barring of Empirix customer experience tools, but we feel passionately about helping contact centers test and monitor their existing tools to simulate any real-life event.

As for me, I’ll be breaking down my own resolutions into bite-sized chunks one day at a time until I’m Instagram ready. And I’m not going to stress, whatever version of me happens to be on the beach in August will be my beach body.

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