How do you measure virtual hold technology performance?

Mark Kowal
Nov. 28 2018

A large US wireless carrier—boasting 73 million subscribers—needed increased monitoring coverage for their virtual hold technology (VHT) callback solution. VHT is a great way to control call traffic, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, however, they had no way to ensure the technology worked as planned.

With Empirix’s OneSight transaction monitoring, they gained immediate, end-to-end visibility into VHT applications, like the ability to:

  • Measure test calls across VHT servers to validate availability and performance from a customer and agent perspective
  • Quickly isolate customer impacting issues
  • Significantly reduce downtime
  • Maintain superior customer satisfaction scores, with quantifiable customer experience metrics, that will impact the bottom line

OneSight provides vital, end-to-end visibility into VHT availability and performance. Unlike other solutions, OneSight can simulate end-to-end VHT transactions and assure quality services and top-notch operations for its customers.

Do you have a way to measure VHT performance? Learn how with an Empirix expert.

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Mark Kowal
Mark Kowal

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