DevOps for CX: prevent issues from happening in the first place

Sandie Simms
Apr. 30 2019

If you work in engineering, odds are you’ve seen the meme below or a variation of it incessantly over the past few years. With the rise in popularity of DevOps, executives are demanding their employees to get on-board without strategies in place. Changes in corporate culture that eliminate budget silos and encourage collaboration are vital for DevOps to be effective.

Developers will always be biased toward code, and operations will always be more concerned with troubleshooting and recovery procedures. And that’s OK. But you should know not to get too code focused or you’ll find yourself in a “Worked Fine in Dev” situation.

DevOps isn’t only about pushing out new features. It’s also about detecting and resolving issues faster, while preventing unnecessary unplanned work or rework. Understanding how to reduce the time to identify a problem and quickly understand its impact. Developing more efficiency in identifying root causes and how to fix them more quickly is what makes a positive CX impact in the long-run.

Building a test environment that’s as fragmented as production and automating the deployment as you would in deployment is a critical step. Testing it from the customer’s point of view instead of auditing log files is essential. You have to test what’s important: customer experience. By testing through the customer’s experience, through their perspective, makes the critical path for an organization abundantly clear.

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