Contact Center Testing Tools Are Now Available for Amazon Connect

Charlie Mitchell
Sep. 9 2022
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Migrating to the cloud and safeguarding the performance of a hybrid contact center is an arduous task.

Get it wrong and agents grow frustrated, service becomes stilted, and security risks threaten even the largest businesses.

Thankfully, the challenge has just become much more straightforward for Amazon customers with the launch of HammerRTC for Amazon Connect.

How does HammerRTC for Amazon Connect work?

Hammer tests agent journeys through WebRTC endpoints emulating real-life agent scenarios at scale.

In doing so, it accurately predicts the behavior of complex IP-based Amazon contact center environments during peak demand periods with ongoing monitoring.

Furthermore, HammerRTC tests the performance of the contact center system and CTI-enabled applications to ensure an optimal customer experience, by measuring and testing what gets passed to agents.

The result is that the contact center can monitor the customers’ experience from when a call or interaction enters the platform until it reaches an agent. Hammer refers to this as the end-to-end experience.

Are desktops, screen pops, and agent workflows performing as expected? If not, HammerRTC acknowledges the error and automatically retries the use case based on the type of error to ensure it is a consistent behavior.

Moreover, HammerRTC acts as a virtual agent of an Amazon Connect contact center, allowing the Hammer platform to work in the background, sniffing out technology issues, pinpointing the root cause, and enabling a rapid, targeted solution.

Finally, the solution works in conjunction with all the Hammer platform applications, such as VoiceWatch, as it validates the Amazon Connect performance by accelerating deployments and reducing risks of failure.

In doing so, Hammer helps to improve customer journeys alongside agent experiences.

As John D’Anna, President and CEO at Hammer, said: “HammerRTC will enable DevOps teams to design better customer journeys and ensure that every step of the journey performs as it should.

“It provides the proof DevOps teams need to implement Amazon Connect with confidence, speeding up deployment and maximizing Return on Investment.”

Sure enough, HammerRTC will snuff out potential outages, downtime, and broken journeys at the planning stage of Amazon Connect migrations, enabling smooth and successful cloud migrations.

Why is such a solution invaluable for Amazon Connect customers?

Amazon leads the CCaaS space in terms of customer acquisition – according to a 2022 Metrigy study. However, it trails the likes of Genesys, Five9, and RingCentral in retention.

Why? Metrigy uncovered several reasons. Two of the most common are: “Product/service is unreliable” (22.4%) and “it's not secure enough” (12%).

Such statistics hint toward the high demand for solutions like HammerRTC for Amazon Connect and the broader Hammer suite to ensure successful deployment and tackle security threats. After all, many companies are currently consolidating contact center performance in new, cloud-based, hybrid environments.

Many are only realizing the need now. Indeed, 69% of contact centers admit to experiencing challenges around voice quality for remote agents over the last 12 months.

Moreover, 66% of companies report that the frequency of contact center outages has increased in the past year.

Commenting on the research, John D’Anna told CX Today: “This research shows that contact center infrastructures are under pressure – in no small part due to hybrid work.

“In addition, there is a conflict between maintaining business as usual in the contact center, while also delivering the technology improvement projects that will help the business meet the changing needs of customers.”

By adding HammerRTC virtual agents, Amazon Connect customers can ensure customers enjoy a seamless experience, giving them the platform to meet new consumer demands.

Combining this with the Hammer suite, they also guarantee business-as-usual performance while safeguarding their contact centers against system defects and misconfigurations that lead to outages, downtime, and imminent customer service disasters.

Indeed, by implementing Hammer, AWS contact centers can combat untraceable journey frictions that stem from system faults. Repeated calls driven by technology failures, alongside IVR and agent desktop issues, are additional problems that will likely fall by the wayside.

Yet, perhaps most pertinently, companies will understand the root cause of problems within the contact center journey and apply targeted solutions to overcome issues once and for all.

Learn more about HammerRTC for Amazon Connect

Many contact centers are hesitant to move parts of their operations to the cloud. Thankfully, HammerRTC will provide Amazon clients with the peace of mind that their cloud contact center is set up to deliver seamless service experiences.

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