Webinar: Cut costs, improve CX & avoid "rip out and replace"

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Webinar: 4 tips when migrating to Amazon Connect

Learn how HammerRTC for Amazon Connect speeds up, validates, and protects your CX during cloud migrations.
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Contact Center Testing & Monitoring 101

Part 1: Discover what end-to-end testing involves and its value to leverage scarce resources and de-risk your contact center technology investments
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Exploring the full testing lifecycle

Part 2: Read the second part of our eBook to learn how to meet changing customer expectations as your strategies evolve
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IVR Best Practice: from DTMF to Conversational AI

Watch our on-demand Roundtable as industry experts explore the latest best practices for fast and frictionless customer outcomes.
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IVR Best Practice: from DTMF to Conversational AI

Key stats

30 years
leading the contact center testing market
6 / 10
global banks rely on Hammer and its proven technology
customer interactions assured per day
global network channel partners & strategic alliances
We are now Hammer!

Empirix becomes Hammer to be more relevant and our visual entity is evolving, but our goal remains the same: Making Customer Experience Work.

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Contact Center Testing Lifecycle

Planning and Development


How can we help?

Reduce Workload

Automated testing scenarios for the contact center and monitoring of customer journeys within a single platform

Support Homeworkers

Identify and resolve the quality issues that plague home networks and negatively impacts both customer experience and remote workforce productivity

Decrease Cost

By using automated self-service solutions that help reduce testing times and resource demand

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Vendor agnostic solutions to help accelerate and de-risk contact center migration to the cloud and ensure continued service excellence

Mitigate Risk

Providing a view of your service architecture from a customer perspective. Reduce MTTR and costly customer facing quality issues through proactive monitoring

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Industry focused

A quick compensation for a flight delay, or outreach from an insurance company when a patient is having trouble resolving a problem. These situations extend far beyond the people typically thought of as “customers.” Members, clients, patients, guests, and intermediaries. Each industry requires a specific CX mindset. And suitable tools to make CX work, in all circumstances. Over our 25 years of existence, we have developed solutions and best practices that fit with the specificities of key industries.