Digital Transformation in Logistics/Transporation

Drive business agility and grow revenue with a consistent, enriched user experience


What you want from digital transformation in logistics is to grow revenue and streamline operations. What you need is a level of insight and control over the critical applications that run your business. For 83% of transportation CIOs, the main expectation from digital transformation  is to grow revenue thanks to faster, consistent and predictable operations. And every customer has their own unique set of expectations.

Your Manufacturing customers expect “Just-in-time” 15 minute delivery windows. Your eCommerce retailers expect you to keep their promised three-day delivery to satisfy their end-customers. That means you need speed and reliability for your core business processes such as customer order management, intermodal shipping, Global Trade Management, and real-time last mile management.

Ultimately, it’s about empowering and supporting your employees so they can deliver. So they know they can rely on your critical applications. Because when your employees deliver, it goes straight to your bottom line.

Key Benefits

Enforce near 100% “just-in-time” delivery

Enforce near 100% “just-in-time” delivery

Your customers demand just-in-time delivery to minimize their inventory while satisfying their end-customers. You need to ensure your Supply-Chain-Operations solution delivers real-time information on orders, trips and transportation means while instantly identifying issues for rapid remediation. Leverage Hybrid WAN for high availability connectivity to central Datacenters.

Increase cash flow

Increase cash flow

In Logistics, time is your true commodity. You need to handle various levels of complexity, from managing customer records, to consolidating real-time transit information while providing complete and instantaneous tracking visibility. By improving its Customer Order Management by 5%, DB Schenker increased their Cash Flow by 15% thanks to guaranteed performance of AXIT using Application Visibility, Control over Hybrid WAN.

Save on transportation costs

Save on transportation costs

Operating routes across time zones require visibility to allocate shipment in-transit on the best available route considering cost and time of shipment. Your ERP must be readily available from airports, seaports, call-centers and customer-portals across the global WAN. Using SAP globally, PANALPINA saved approximately 30% on transportation costs. PANALPINA optimized air/sea intermodal shipment, thanks to high availability and application performance guarantee delivered to SAP over the WAN.

Optimize duty savings

Optimize duty savings

In a time when FTAs rule tariffs, product classification is key to optimize duty. Your FTA automated solution must perform and be available from its cloud across the global WAN. Bolloré Logistics, saved several millions in annual duty, guaranteeing availability and application performance to Amber Road, all thanks to Hybrid WAN.

Optimize duty savings

Optimize duty savings

Warehouse space and labor costs management is essential to your operations. You need to automate inbound and outbound processes, storage, and inventory management while improving asset utilization, increasing logistics throughput, and filling orders accurately and on time. Geodis saved 30% in warehouse labour cost and space using SAP EWM, thanks to the quality User Experience provided by Hybrid WAN and Application Control.

Use Cases & Features

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ERP, CRM & Business Applications

The Operational Efficiency & Excellence of your company depend on your key business processes supported by mission-critical applications.

Guarantee staff productivity by maximizing end-user’s experience of ERPs & CRMs across your WAN and make sure your business-critical applications are always prioritized. Protect end-users by using complex and sensitive applications like ERP.

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Business Continuity

Avoid revenue loss due to production being halted by network issues or applications suffering from brownouts.

Keep your production moving during network outages or congestions by using redundant and resilient architectures maintaining your mission-critical applications with the most robust performance across the WAN.

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Office 365 & Cloud Migration

Beyond the technical challenges, rapid user adoption is central to the success of your Office 365 & Cloud migration projects and achieving digital transformation in logistics.

Ensure quick adoption of Office 365 or any Cloud based application and reduce deployment time of your SaaS applications by three months. Decrease the number of incident calls by 50 percent. Monitor/troubleshoot SaaS apps usage and performance in real-time, globally and per site.